County APD Process Reengineering Project Background

Project Background provides information about the County APDReengineering Project describing the project history, scope anddeliverables, and approach of the process improvement initiativethat was conducted by OSI in 2007.

Project Name

  • County APD Process Reengineering Project.

Objective Statement

  • Develop a process that ensures timely decisions with reducedescalations in the County Advance Planning Document (APD) approvalprocess by developing a single consistent, understandable, andauditable approach to County APD submissions.


  • Welcome to the California Office of Technology and Solutions Integration (OTSI)County APD website. The OSI has streamlined and redesigned theprocesses surrounding County Advance Planning Document (APD)handling to increase efficiency, consistency and defensibility. The OTSI utilized a multi-function business process redesign team thatassisted in the development of work products and deliverablesreferenced on this web site.

Project Charter

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