Why Choose OTSI

People are drawn to work at OTSI for a number of reasons, including:

• A variety of work and opportunities for career growth

• Inclusive atmosphere and emphasis on communication at all levels

• Personal job satisfaction working in public service

• Training and development

• Work-life balance

I love being a part of something larger that makes a difference. I love that everyone cares and that you have flexibility when needed. Every day is different and I am always learning and I am able to use my skills and knowledge

When I began my work in government information technology, it was purely because I enjoyed IT; that was enough to bring me to the OSI, but something else makes me stay. When my own daughter became ill with a serious neurological disease, we began to understand that she would need help for the rest of her life—help that her mom and I would not always be able to provide. The role of government in providing financial and other supportive services for people like my daughter then became more meaningful than ever to me. Today I go to work not just because I like the challenges of technology; now I also go to keep the systems running that help my daughter and so many others like her to live independently. For me, working for the OTSI is not just a job; it’s a calling and a mission. And that makes my work truly compelling.


A great place for great people to do great work
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