Attorney Series


Our Attorneys are members of our Legal Division. As a member of the team, you will provide legal counsel on a broad range of issues to the OSI staff, managers and executives, specializing in public contracting law, and state federal government procurement law, relating to Information Technology procurements.

What You’ll Do

Depending on your career choice, you'll perform work in such areas as administrative systems analysis and policy support, operations, facility and administrative services, financial management, human resources, or procurement and contracting.

  • Review complex, sensitive, high profile contracts of various OSI managed IT projects for compliance with law, policy and sound professional judgment.
  • Draft IT contracts.
  • Participate in complex, sensitive and high profile contract negotiations.
  • Advise Human Resources Division regarding personnel issues and represent the OSI in HR-related administrative proceedings.
  • Review and draft interagency agreements between the OSI and other state departments.
  • Represent the OSI in negotiations with opposing counsel.