Appeals Case Management System (ACMS)


The Appeals Case Management System (ACMS) Project is sponsored by the California Department of Social Services State Hearings Division (CDSS SHD) and managed by the Office of Systems Integration (OSI). The Project will procure system integration services to assist the State to design, develop and implement a hearings appeals system that meets the business needs of the CDSS SHD. The beneficiaries of the new ACMS will be the recipients of public social service programs seeking fair hearings, CDSS stakeholders, the CDSS, the Department of Health Care Services, Covered California, all California Counties and California taxpayers. The ACMS is intended to ultimately be the business solution that can be leveraged by other California agencies for appeals case management.

The ACMS will create a single case management system that will combine intake, scheduling and reporting functions into a single workflow. The system will streamline the current manual processes and reduce errors caused by data entry. The new system will allow SHD to meet Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and language requirements. The ACMS will have a public portal for a person or authorized party to request a new hearing or check the status of an existing case.

Program Overview/Business Objectives

ACMS Sponsor:

State Hearings Division

Major California Public Assistance Programs that will use ACMS:

Department of Social Services

Department of Health Care Services

Covered CA